Schlep Labs is a creative playground unlike any other in American politics, engaging a broad audience in a diversity of production efforts. Through Schlep Labs, we are developing a new grassroots model that will innovate the way political campaigns leverage talents across the creative spectrum. At Schlep Labs, we combine your skills with our experience to shape the outcome of the 2012 presidential election.

Schlep Labs Wants Your Best Ideas. Click here to share yours


The 2008 election proved that in the internet age, the best ideas don’t come from media strategists--they come from people like you. Remember this, this, and of course, this? Projects like these inspired and challenged us--and they made history.

The Great Schlep garnered almost 350 million media impressions and created one of the major media narratives of the 2008 campaign: American Jews--particularly young American Jews--support Barack Obama.

For 2012, we are looking for great pro-Obama ideas to develop and launch under the Great Schlep brand.

Tell us how you would use humor, video, celebrity, and/or social media to build support for President Obama’s reelection campaign. Our staff of experienced artists, web developers, and political operatives can help you develop your idea. When it’s ready, our PR people can use their media contacts to bring your idea to a wider audience, giving it the little push that it needs to get people’s attention.

If you have an idea - a Twitter campaign, video or app, meme, song, or anything else - please submit it below. Our advisory team reviews submissions constantly. If your idea fits into our larger strategy, we will put all the power of the Schlep brand behind you, and we’ll do it fast.

Call your Bubbe--she might have some great ideas too--and then get to it. We can’t wait to see what you come up with.