To Schlep:
To go somewhere, particularly somewhere far away or otherwise difficult to reach.
To carry, bring or otherwise transmit something which is difficult to move. <Urban Dictionary>

In 2008 millions of us watched and shared The Great Schlep video. 200,000 downloaded our talking points to help us have better conversations about Barack Obama with those we love. Ultimately our efforts led to a tidal wave of media coverage: worldwide The Great Schlep recorded 350,000,000 media impressions.

Who are we? We are writers, artists, political operatives, PR experts, internet junkies. We have close and loving relationships with our grandparents, colleagues, and friends in the community. But we know that sometimes they’re misinformed.

We’re not afraid of doing the work, because we’re Schleppers. We’ll get on the airplane. We’ll send the videos. We’ll review the facts. We’ll even call our Bubbe’s and Zaide’s and speak at maximum volume because they can’t hear so well. We’ll do whatever it takes. We will provide our friends and family with accurate information about Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, and what this election means for the future of our country.

This year we’re back to help reelect the President. The challenges are different. Rumors that Obama is a secret Muslim or an enemy of the Jews no longer have currency among the 78% of us who pulled the lever for him in 2008. But many young people, among others, need to ramp up their passion for the President and put in the dozens, even hundreds, of hours of service required to reelect him and keep our country sane and safe.

In 2012 we will galvanize, mobilize and ultimately persuade voters. And we will do it all with our signature wit. After all, the fate of the nation may be on the line, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun.

The Great Schlep is a project of the Jewish Council for Education & Research